Thursday, February 14, 2019

ITI All Candidate Apply for this job If you Apply Please read full notification here for get job instantly.

BEST Job for ITI Candidate Required ITI Fitter For Apply this job Please Read Full Notification Below

For the ITI people, the job loss is taken out, which is the ITI fitter for the people, if yes, then you can apply it if you want to apply it. Before applying, you should read this notification carefully and apply it. The person who has been given a job for ITI people is Power Jobs Limited. So if you are from any trades then you can submit your resume which you will be interested in Notification can be found in your mobile and you can understand all this information. For more information read carefully all the information given below. And apply it.

Exp. For all ITI people: If you are a candidate of ITI then you can apply it. Talk about the Experience here. Here people are recruiting for the job. No Experience is being searched here, you have never worked before. Not done, and you can apply it to apply.
Salary: - For recruitment of this job, where you know people are not being searched in any way here, so here you will be given ₹ 50000 to 150000 rupees annually. Where almost you will be given ₹ 12000 to 18000 rupees every month. And companions you will be given the accommodation.
Job Location: Here you are being told to be a special branch of Ludhiana, but if you are a resident of any state of India then you can apply it. To apply you here, apply all the things in your resume. You will need to know which state you are belong to which you will be able to find a job in the same city of the same state.

Company Skills: Most VMC operators in this company are updated machines like CNC operator. All technical items are used in this company, which is the highest quality. How to do it? : You get all the links here to apply. Just like you can submit a resume, e-mail you can visit and visit the official official site.

Job Description: If you talk about this company, here's the need for all the ITI people, which has given you all the information above which people can apply it. The tranquility gave you the information about all the things below. How many posts have been removed, how much salary will be received and what its location is, read the information and submit your resume.
Number of posts: Talk about this company Right now there are total posts in this company 30 and these positions can be and can be even more.
Salary: Here for ITI people, from the initial salary ₹ 9000, where encoditation will also be given.
Location: Ludhiana is being declared as its official branch, which can be applied to all the states of India.

Basic Skills: Loop Testing, Panel Guaging, Panel Testing, Electrician, Communication, Installation, Traveling, Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical, Factory Acceptance Test etc.
Regards: If you talk about the details here: Email Id: Please Email us, also You can Submit your Resume for more Job Here.

Respect Details: This company has been told about the production in the department, and in the industry about automobile and auto ancillaries and companions VMC. (Only mail candidates can apply here).

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